Puddleby Underground Map

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As of 52 Autumn 545 (Clan Lord v230, May 2002)
Puddleby Underground Map

Two larger versions of this map are available:
HUGE! (Incredibly detailed at 846k)

The Puddleby Underground is a huge area under our town. At the time of this writing (Autumn 545), it apparently consists of 13 snells. However, new construction is going on all the time, and it is possible that there are hidden areas not known to the map maker, so the current actual size may be larger.

There are five known points of entry into the underground: through the Healer Temple, through the basement of the Purple Tor Inn, through the basement of the Brewery through the west Rat Towers, and through a concealed panel in the really-extremely-advanced library (or whatever it's called.) The Healer's Temple and Purple Tor Inn entrances are the only ones that does not require skill in pathfinding to use.

Running through several of the snells is an underground river, which pools in two underground lakes. Only glimpses of the lakes can be seen from different snells, so their true size is unknown.

The presence of a multitude of side passages leading to dead ends suggests that the Underground will get larger over time. I will endeavor to map these expansions as they are made.

A note about the composite map above: When assembling the individual snell maps into a composite image, I discovered that some do not fit together exactly right. In order to make all the tunnels and snell entrances line up, I had to take a few "artistic liberties" with the map, including stretching out or shortening some tunnels, and doing some modifications to snell entrances. I hope the viewer will be forgiving of this. The individual snell maps below are unmodified.

The 13 Known Snells

YoungNed PurpleTorInn Brewery RatTowersTunnel NearRatTowers MushroomPeninsula ShortDiagonalBridge OssuaryWest OssuaryEast LongDiagonalBridge Diggin Guild DrinkinWaterBridge Snell Map
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NOTE: I have designated each of these snells with a name that reflects a notable feature, or with the name of a person who inhabits them. These names are not "official," and are subject to change. Rats, vermine, and the occasional ona chigger have been encountered in just about all of these areas.

Drinkin' Water Bridge Snell - The northernmost snell of the complex, the underground river flows into the underground here and (presumably, you can't see where it happens) fills up the northern subterranean lake, which takes up the middle part of this snell. The snell takes its name from the long bridge which runs over the lake. On that bridge is a cask of fresh "Drinkin' Water." The snell has two points of exit, one to the southwest, which connects with the Long Diagonal Bridge Snell, and one to the southeast, which connects with the Guild Snell. A short tunnel dead-ends to the north at the eastern edge of the bridge, but the presence of a wheelbarrow there suggests the dwarves plan to expand the underground in that direction. There's also a myrm hole here, from which myrms occasionally exit, although you cannot enter the hive here. However, the presence of this hole suggests that at some point in the future, the underground will connect with the myrm hive. Cavaten, one of the dwarven workers expanding the underground, hangs out in the chamber to the west. This snell is often populated by skeletals and the occasional myrm.

Long Diagonal Bridge Snell - The southern part of the north subterranean lake is visible at the north end of this snell, and it empties from a waterfall into the underground river, which flows out to the southeast. A long diagonal bridge (from which the snell gets its name) crosses the river in the north part of the snell. A shorter, horizontal bridge crosses the river near the south end of the snell, and in the middle, where the river takes a sharp dog-leg to the west, there are rocks that you (and monsters) can cross. There are four exit points from this snell: A northwest exit, which goes into the Drinkin' Water Bridge Snell, an eastern exit which connects with the Guild Snell, an exit to the southwest which takes you to the Mushroom Peninsula Snell, and one to the southeast, which enters the Diggin Snell. This snell is heavily populated with skeletals and arachne, and a large arachne web can be seen near the northwest exit.

Mushroom Peninsula Snell - One of the smaller areas of the underground, this snell borders the northern shore of the southern subterranean lake. The snell takes its name from a most curious feature: a rock-bordered peninsula which juts out into the lake, which is covered with mushrooms, and has a patch of ground that looks almost.... heavily trodden. It is unknown at this time if there is some sort of secret passage or exit, but the existence of one is hinted at. And out in the lake, what appears to be the edge of an island can be glimpsed. There are three exits from the snell: one to the north, which connects with the Long Diagonal Bridge Snell, one to the south, which goes into the Short Diagonal Bridge Snell, and one to the west, which opens up into the Near Rat Towers Snell. In additional to the ubiquitous skeletals, this snell seems especially prone to large spawns of Giant Vermine, and the occasional hooded corpse.

Near Rat Towers Snell - Named for its proximity to the western Rat Towers, this large area is the one exiles enter into from the Rat Tower Connecting Tunnel Snell, located on the upper west side of the snell. Pathfinding skill is apparently not needed to go into the tunnel from here, although you'll definitly need it to get back in. Other exits are to the east, going into the Mushroom Peninsula Snell, and one to the south, going into the Brewery Snell. The Southern exit was created by Bier'un in Autumn 545, who was working here for several years, until he reached his goal. The western shore of the southern subterranean lake can also be glimpsed here. Skeletals and the occasional hooded corpse can be found here.
Note: An older map of this snell - pre Autumn 545 expansion - is available here.

Rat Tower Connecting Tunnel Snell - Very familiar to most new exiles, this tunnel is located at the very western edge of the underground complex, and runs under the west gate of Puddleby, between the two west Rat Towers. On the east wall of the tunnel, at about the midpoint, there is a hidden passage which exits into the Near Rat Towers Snell... but you'll need to have some pathfinding skill to use it. Skeletals are extremely common here, and other kinds of undine show up from time to time.

Short Diagonal Bridge Snell - This area is notable for the underground river which flows in from the north and out to the west. At the point where the river changes direction, there is a short, diagonal bridge. At the southernmost part of the snell, a tunnel can be seen, but it is blocked by rocks. Young Ned is trying to dig into this blocked tunnel from Young Ned's Snell. Almost directly east of the bridge is the entrance to Ossuary West. Other exits are to the north, which goes into the Diggin Snell, one to the northwest, which connects with the Mushroom Peninsula Snell, and an exit in the west into Young Ned's Snell. Skeletals and hooded corpses are common here.
Note: An older map of this snell - pre Autumn 545 expansion - is available here.

Young Ned's Snell - Recently expanded in Autumn 545, Here you'll find a dwarf, Young Ned, busily digging new tunnels. Ned says that he is digging East to enter a blocked chamber, presumably the one that can be seen from at the southern edge of the Short Diagonal Bridge Snell. There are three exits from this snell: one to the north, which goes to the Short Diagonal Bridge Snell, one which goes west to the Brewery Snell, and a pathfinder entrance along the north wall of the westen tunnel, leading to the Purple Tor Inn Snell. The underground river enters this area from the east, then turns south again, and disappears for a short ways before appearing again farther south and east in the snell.
Note: An older map of this snell - pre Autumn 545 expansion - is available here.

Ossuary West - An Ossuary is an underground place, like a catacomb, where the bones of the dead are kept. This one is located under the Healer Temple. The Ossuary is composed of two snells: this one, and Ossuary East, which can be accessed through doors on the east wall. An exit in the west wall goes into the Short Diagonal Bridge Snell. As would be expected with a place associated with the dead, many kinds of undine are common here, as well as arachne (A large arachne web is present in the northeast part of the room).

Ossuary East - The eastern part of the Healer Temple Ossuary, this small room is crawling with undine and arachne (two large arachne webs are present along the western wall of the room). A set of doors to the north go into the Healer Temple proper, and an exit under the lower arachne web leads into Ossuary West.

Diggin Snell - This area is named for Diggin, a dwarf who can be found in a room in the center of the snell. Diggin can teach you to spot hidden passages, which is a pathfinding skill, but only up to 5 levels... if you've trained more than 5 levels with the Marsh Hermit already, Diggin won't be able to teach you anything. (The irony of Diggin is that he is located in an area that is difficult to get to if you do not already have pathfinder training.) The subterranean river marks the western edge of this snell, flowing in from the north and out at the south. There are 4 exits from this area: one in the northwest, which enters the Long Diagonal Bridge Snell, one to the southwest, which goes into the Short Diagonal Bridge Snell, another to the east, which connects with the Guild Snell, and a hidden passage into the really-extremely-advanced library (located, appropriately enough, right next to Diggin.) Two other individuals also make their homes here: Intaglio Klest, a dwarf who will challenge you to kill as many skeletals as possible in 60 minutes, and Unk, a wandering Zo who is apparently helping with the underground construction effort, who says he "like it here with Dorfs." Unk also will tell you that there are barrels of beer hidden in the underground, but whether or not this is true, or if this is just a story that the Dwarves told Unk to keep him digging remains to be seen. Skeletals abound in the western part of the snell, as do the occasional hooded corpse.

Guild Snell - By far the largest area of the underground, and also the westernmost, this area is almost entirely tunnel. Shaped roughly like a "T", at the intersection of the two main tunnels is an under construction building, presumably the guild Cavaten makes reference to (a miner's guild, perhaps?). The east-west tunnel suddenly dead ends to the east at a rock wall with a stalagmite, and an open area - a cave? - can be seen beyond it (presumably an area of future expansion). At the west end, the tunnel exits into the Long Diagonal Bridge Snell. Near that exit, to the north, is a tunnel leading to the Drinkin' Water Bridge Snell. The north-south tunnel, with the guild at the north end, also dead ends, at the south terminus, but a wheelbarrow there suggests the dwarves plan on expanding that way, too. Near the southern end is a tunnel branch that leads to the Diggin Snell. A curious feature of the north-south tunnel can be found at its mid-point. There, on the eastern wall, is a rock pile, and beyond it can be seen a tunnel of the kind found at McBollie's Caverns on Devil's Island. Recently (Summer 545), air started flowing through this crack, and a breeze could be felt when standing next to it.
The north-south tunnel tends to have a lot of arachne in it, while skeletals and the occasional myrm show up in the western part of the east-west tunnel.

Brewery Snell - Opened very recently (Autumn 545) by Bier'un, a digging dwarf who used to be in the Near Rat Towers Snell, Bier'un successfully dug his way to his heart's desire - the Brewery. You'll find him - fallen to excessive drink - in the basement of the brewery on the west side of the snell, thanking exiles for their support of his digging efforts. Bier'un also left his mark in the form of some graffiti on the circular three-stone structure in the middle of the room. The southern subterranean lake runs from the east to the southwest part of the snell, and on the south side of the snell, a bridge crosses the lake at a narrow point. From there, a path, which provides a splendid view of the lake, heads east to Young Ned's Snell. There are two other exits from the snell - one to the north, leading to the Near Rat Towers Snell, and stepladder in the northwest corner of the brewery's basement, which exits to the brewery itself.

Purple Tor Inn Snell - Opened very recently (Autumn 545) by Young Ned, a busily digging dwarf in Young Ned's Snell, this two-part snell consists of the basement of the Purple Tor Inn to the north, and a dark chamber to the south. In the northwest corner of the Purple Tor Inn basement, there is a stepladder exiting to the Purple Tor Inn. Several bookshelves line the south wall of the basement, containing a collection of books on tors and innkeeping. Behind the bookshelves is a pathfinder entrance to the dark chamber.
The dark chamber is rougly rectangular in shape, but there appear to be at least three obstacles in the room. It is unknown what these obstacles are. The dark chamber can only be exited by one of two pathfider exits, one to the northeast, going in to the basement of the Purple Tor Inn, and one to the southeast going to Young Ned's Snell. No monsters have been reported in this area at this time.

Version history

Special thanks to everyone who protected me while I mapped: Taladwy, Aravir, Zapatisto, Connie Crete, Deornoth the Brave, Rooster (who only fell twice in the process!), Blaise, Phroon, Tyranis Calgar, Liolel, Kensington, Medissa and Caricia.
Also a very special thanks to everyone who came to my rescue those many, many times I fell during the mapping process: Jeanne, Jade, Jo'Maril, WormTounge, Nephilim, Tardalus, Sargon, Hex, Mordcrundel, Lyctor, Dashiva, Tater, Rhys, Kitlin, Ghoti, Steady Foot, Califas, Aronar, Magnels, Frozen Shade, Yorg, Lex, Stone-That-Walk, Undertow E'flei, Anaeka, Gronk, Nevyn, Mad Mark and Weltall.
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