I wanted to rehouse all the maps I could fine before they were lost to time as some already have been. I've made some textual changes, removed old links and some personal references (email etc.) all done in the effort to keep this usable. Any comments, errors or updates then let me know, also if the map claiment is wrong, please tell me. NB: I will not be updating old maps that other exiles made, but I can make notes by them such as old area or out of date.

Why have I done this? I wanted these maps kept as so much work went into them all its a shame to lose them. Note that I take no credit for any of this fine mapping work (except for the PC & SC) it's all down to the exiles named.

Please note that some maps are spoliers for some areas, don't view if you are worrried about this.

Ocean Puddleby Town and Surroundings Puddleby Town and Surroundings Puddleby Town and Surroundings

  1. Puddleby Ocean by Drablak
  2. Dal'Noth Ocean by Tonoto
  3. North Ocean by Tonoto
  4. South Ocean by Tonoto
  5. The Known World of the Realms of the Earth by Parintachin & Baerwizz


  1. Bicks Cellar by Dinsdale
  2. Puddleby by Parintachin, MrMac & Devli
  3. Puddleby (Dec 15) by Prowl, Mysteree & Abox

Close by town

  1. Myrm Hives by Tonoto
  2. East Forest by Tonoto
  3. North Forest by Tonoto
  4. South Forest by Tonoto
  5. Puddleby, Farms, & West Beaches by Tonoto
  6. North West Forest by Salandra
  7. Undine Cavern by Tonoto
  8. Old Cemetery by Tonoto
  9. Undine Complex by Tonoto
  10. Northeast Forest by Tonoto
  11. New Bear Cave by Rakshas
  12. Copper Mine by Ortlinde
  13. Spirit Wood by Parintachin, Loco & Warplet
  14. Lily Pond by Gil-Galad

  1. Marsh by Tonoto
  2. North Marsh by Azriel
  3. South Marsh by Azriel


Puddleby Underground

  1. Eastern Puddleby Underground by Ortlinde
  2. Puddleby Underground by WorldWalker
  3. Puddleby Underground (newer) by Harper

Trool Mines

  1. East Trool Mines by Aerick
  2. East Trool Mines by Azriel
  3. West Trool Mines by Azriel

Trool Land
  1. Mountain Glen (Trool Land) by Azriel
  2. Mountain Glen Trool Land Apr '22 by Azriel
  3. Mountain Glen Arachne Tunnels Apr '22 by Azriel
  4. Mountain Glen Myrn Hives Apr '22 by Azriel
  5. Mountain Glen Castle Apr '22 by Azriel
  6. Myrm Hive by Azriel
  7. Ruined Castle by Azriel
  8. Arachne Caves by Azriel

  1. East Mountain Passes & Greymyr Village by Tonoto
  2. Greymyr Passes by Rylantar
  3. Eastern Passes by Tonoto, Marcus Antonius, Parintachin & Smoke
  4. Savannah and Southern Dunes by Tonoto
  5. Snagglewood by Tonoto
  6. Tanglewood by Tonoto
  7. Meshra lair by Tonoto
  8. Hotsprings (east) by Rylantar
  9. Hotsprings (west) by Rylantar
  10. Infested Well by Rakshasa
  11. Cloud by Sagramor
  12. Cloud by Drablak
  13. Bloodhawk Breeding Grounds by Azriel
  14. Hippy Hollow by Azriel
  15. PF nexus by Phroon
  16. The Pathfinding Nexus by Azriel
  17. The Valley by Azriel
  18. Rocky Cavern by Azriel
  19. Southern Shoals by Azriel
  20. Slime Cave and the Orga Lake near South Pass by Haffron
  21. Slime Cave and the Orga Lake near South Pass part 2 by Haffron
  22. Meshra Lair by Haffron
Puddleby Town and Surroundings Orga Outback & Foothills Fire/Devil's Island (same thing) Ash Island


Spider & Noids

  1. Arachne Cavern by Tonoto
  2. Arachnoids by Parintachin, Jorgan and the Occupation Forces
  3. Dark, Cold, Wet Place by Tonoto
  4. Spider Caves by Tonoto
  5. Death Trap Noids by Azriel
  6. Jade Noids by Azriel

  1. Orga Outback by Lorikeet & Rakshasa
  2. Orga Village by Lorikeet & Rakshasa
  3. Orga Village SW by Kani
  4. Dred Passage by Puddleby Marine Corp
  5. Dred Passage by Kani
  6. Dredwood by Sor
  7. North East Foothills/Dredwood by Callus, DP and LIFE
  8. Foothills Passes by Entil'Zha
  9. Orga Stronghold by Entil'Zha with PAG & EAT
  10. Orga Village overview by Azriel
  11. OV Southwest pathfinder nexus by Azriel
  12. Taproot Cave/Dred Passage Cavern by Azriel
  13. New Orga Outback (NOOB) by Azriel
  14. Orga Outback Foothill Passes by Jazz

  1. Fire Island by Rylantar
  2. Devil's Island by Lundar
  3. Voolcon Enclosure & Lava Caves by Azriel
  4. Caves by Rylantar
  5. McBolie by Lundar
  6. McBolie by Rylantar
  7. Volcano Crater/Drake Den 1 by Azriel
  8. Volcano Crater/Drake Den 2 by Azriel
  9. Devilish Passes by Rylantar


Temple, Chamber, Darshak etc.
  1. Ash Island by Tonoto
  2. Dark Temple by Tonoto
  3. Dark Chamber by Tonoto
  4. Darshak Outpost by Tonoto
  5. Ash Barrens by Super Chicken
  6. Ash Undine Mines by Super Chicken
  7. New Ash Forest by Super Chicken
  8. Super Dark Temple by Super Chicken
  9. Thaumaturge Lair by TKA

Astral & Abyss
  1. Astral Plane & Outer Planes of the Abyss by Tonoto
  2. Abyss by Jazz


  1. Scaramis by Drablak
Southern River Valley Kizmia's Island (KI) Melabrions/Gungla Island (MI/GI) Cimmbrions Island

  1. Southern Estuary by Azriel
  2. Southern River Delta by Azriel
  3. Eastern Mountains entry sector by Azriel
  4. Eastern Mountains Bison Plains sector by Azriel
  5. Mountain Bear caverns by Azriel
  6. Cold and Snowy Peak areas by Azriel
  7. Undermarsh by Talas

  1. Kizmia's Island by Sun Dragon Clan
  2. North Isle by Winds Of Dawn
  3. Lyfe Caves by Unknown
  4. Lyfe Caves by Drablak
  5. Umbrion's Zodiac Maze by Angela
  6. Umbrions Keep Fire Maze by Babajaga
  7. Umbrions room by Geotzu
  8. Northside overall by Azriel
  9. KI Scarmis nest by Azriel
  10. KI Scarmis nest by Kani
  11. Outer Whirlpool Passes by Azriel
  12. inner Whirlpool Pass by Azriel
  13. Whirlpool Pass Cave by Azriel
  14. Kizmia's Hut Paths Detail by Azriel

  1. Melabrions Keep by Arkin
  2. Melabrions Island by Winds Of Dawn
  3. Tok'Han lair by Lundar
  4. Gungla Island by Azriel
  5. Land of Sarra by Azriel
  6. Earthwyrm Cave by Azriel
  7. Gungla Island by Salandra

  1. Cimmbrions Maze - Ancients by Drablak
  2. Cimmbrions Maze - Centaur by Drablak
  3. Cimmbrions Maze - Fox by Drablak
  4. Cimmbrions Maze - Rat by Drablak & K'vynn
  5. Cimmbrions Maze - Rooster by Drablak
  6. Cimmbrions Maze - Runkee by Drablak
  7. Cimmbrions Maze - Shredders by Drablak
  8. Cimmbrions Maze - Cat by Drablak
  9. Cimmbrions Maze - Healer by Drablak
  10. Cimmbrions Maze - Mystic by Drablak
  11. Cimmbrions Maze - Pig by Drablak
  12. Cimmbrions Maze - Warrior by Drablak
Tenebrions Island (TI) Ethereal Plane (EP) Dal'noth Isle Pitch Caves (PC)

  1. Island by Puddleby Bureau of Investigation
  2. Tower by Puddleby Bureau of Investigation
  3. Island by ??

  1. Ethereal Plane Overview by Phroon
  2. Ethereal Plane Tower by Kiriel D'Sol
  3. Ethereal Plane Tower by Arkin
  4. Ethereal Plane Tower by Drablak
  5. Ethereal Plane 1 by Drablak
  6. Ethereal Plane 2 by Drablak
  7. Ethereal Plane 3 by Drablak
  8. Ethereal Plane 4 by Drablak
  9. Ethereal Plane Detailed Overview by Helios

  1. Dal'noth Isle by Tonoto
  2. Dal'noth Island (26mb) by Jazz
  3. Dal'noth Underground (33mb) by Jazz

  1. Pitch Cave 1 by Fundin/PAG
  2. Pitch Cave 2 by Fundin/PAG
  3. Pitch Cave 3 by Fundin/PAG
  4. Pitch Cave 4 by Fundin/PAG
  5. Pitch Cave 5 by Fundin/PAG
  6. Pitch Cave 6 by Fundin/PAG
  7. Pitch Cave 7 by Fundin/PAG
  8. Pitch Cave 8 by Fundin/PAG
  9. Pitch Cave 9 by Fundin/PAG
  10. Pitch Cave 10 by Fundin/PAG
  11. Pitch Cave 11 by Fundin/PAG
  12. Pitch Cave 12 by Fundin/PAG
  13. Pitch Cave 13 by Fundin/PAG
  14. Pitch Cave 14 by Fundin/PAG
  15. Pitch Cave 15 by Fundin/PAG
  16. Pitch Cave 16 by Fundin/PAG
  17. Pitch Cave Overall 1-5 by Fundin/PAG
  18. Pitch Cave Overall 6-16 by Fundin/PAG
Slate Caves (SC) Metzetli Island (MI) Thieves Island Peaceton

  1. Slate Cave 1 by Fundin/PAG
  2. Slate Cave 2 by Fundin/PAG
  3. Slate Cave 3 by Fundin/PAG
  4. Slate Cave 4 by Fundin/PAG
  5. Slate Cave 5 by Fundin/PAG
  6. Slate Cave 6 by Fundin/PAG
  7. Slate Cave 7 by Fundin/PAG
  8. Slate Cave 8 by Fundin/PAG
  9. Slate Cave 9 by Fundin/PAG
  10. Slate Cave 10 by Fundin/PAG
  11. Slate Cave 11 by Fundin/PAG
  12. Slate Cave 12 by Fundin/PAG
  13. Slate Cave 13 by Fundin/PAG
  14. Slates Caves Overall 1-13 by Fundin/PAG
  15. Slate Caves Overall by Kani

  1. Metzetli by Azriel
  2. Gloaming Wendecka Caverns by Azriel
  3. Super Awesome Metz by Gorvin
  4. Rainforest by Gorvin and Ortlinde
  5. Rainforest by Entil'Zha
  6. Tepui_Snell 1 by TKA
  7. Tepui_Snell 2 by TKA
  8. Tepui_Snell 3 by TKA
  9. Tepui_Snell 4 by TKA
  10. Crypt by Gorvin & Gil-Gala

  1. Badlands by Falinus
  2. Arena by Martlet, Parintachin & MrMac
  3. Thieves combo map by Gil-Galad
  4. Thieves Island interactive* by Gil-Galad

  1. Peaceton by Coldy/Arod/Mara/Harper/Mysteree
  2. Peaceton Ship by Mysteree
Centaur Isle (CI) Various Maps Large Combination Maps No longer accessible

  1. Whole Isle by Fundin

  1. Lugubrions Keep by Salandra
  2. Lugubrions Keep* by Trymon (interactive)
  3. Portal Isle by Harper

  1. Puddleby Island West by Drablak
  2. Puddleby Town & Close By by Drablak
  3. Puddleby Town & surounding areas by Iho & Aki
  4. North Forest by Drablak
  5. North East Forest & Tanglewood by Drablak
  6. East Forest by Drablak
  7. Greymyr Passes by Drablak
  8. North West Beaches & Savanah by Drablak
  9. North Forest by Drablak
  10. Marsh by Drablak
  11. South Forest by Drablak
  12. Pitch & Slates Caves by Fundin/PAG

  1. Desert by Tonoto
  2. Glacier (Cold & Snowy) by Tonoto
  3. Mirror Room by Tonoto
Map Sources Need maps of... Key Key

Azriels scrolls
TKA scrolls
Winds of Dawn scrolls
Phroons Wiki scrolls
Drablaks Hideaway
Fundins scrolls
WorldWalker scrolls
The Known World by Parintachin (PDF)

Lost to time
Sun Dragon Clan scrolls
Lundars scrolls

Many other scrolls with names mentioned above plus private mapping by individuals.

Lets me know any other missing credits or scrolls

Portal Isle (inside)
Darshak Outpost


* = not stored on server


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