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East Forest
East Mountain Passes & Greymyr Village
North Forest
South Forest
Puddleby, Farms, &
West Beaches

Myrm Hive
Northeast Forest
Savannah and Southern Dunes

Ash Island
Dark Temple
Dal'noth Isle

Arachne Cavern
Dark, Cold, Wet Place
Old Cemetery
Spider Caves
Undine Cavern

Astral Plane
Glacier (Cold & Snowy)
Mirror Room
Outer Planes of the Abyss




On the northwestern area of East Field is the Farmer's Hut. The Undine Cavern lies below this hut. Various forms of undine inhabit this cavern, the most common being Skeletals and Hooded Corpses. However, stronger undine will appear from time to time.

In the northeast corner of Undine Cavern lies a mound of rock with a small opening that leads to a very dark cave with a variety of undine. If an unfortunate exile wanders into this cave, exits can be found to the southwest (back to Undine Cavern) and to the southeast (entrance to the Well in the Desert). Groping around in the dark, Ton was not able to find any other exits.

Old Cemetery connects to the Marsh. To Ton's knowledge, the only entrance to Old Cemetery is from Dead Trees Marsh 2. Weaker types of undine are found in the cemetery. Ton has located a hidden area in the cemetery where one might find some shelter from adversaries.

With a small graveyard in the center, the caretakers have built walls around the northern, eastern, and southern sides. Ton is still trying to decipher the old sylvan writing on the tombstones in the cemetery. The only exit is on the western side, which leads to One-Tree Island Marsh.

In the Old Cemetery, Ton found strange "pools" of grey material on the ground that can not be crossed. So with the many walls, tombstones, and leaden pools, it is easy to get trapped and fall to the undine.