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Puddleby, Farms, &
West Beaches

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Puddleby, the Farms
and the Western Beaches 


Puddleby is a small coastal town located on the western edge of Puddleby Island. Here the basic needs of life are provided for; there is a bakery and a kitchen (necessities for the halflings), a bank, a brewery and a few pubs (necessities for the dwarves), a fighter hall, a healer temple, a jail, and a town hall.

There also are the athletic fields (push ball court and freeze tag arena), an auction house, a blacksmith, a casino, the fairgrounds (the first area that a newly arrived exile should visit), a couple of libraries, a post office, a town court and several other merchants which I'll leave to the reader to discover.

The Rat Towers on the west side of Puddleby are the best area for the new exile to hunt. Otherwise, from time to time unwelcome visitors will appear in town. However, most of these are quickly dispatched. If something very strong and wicked like an Orga Frenzy shows up, it will be corralled up in the town square by some smart exile until enough people are around to deal with the problem.


The Farms

There are six farm sn'ells (a sn'ell is a tract of land) around Puddleby. There are two sets of farm lands to the north of Puddle, two to the east, and two to the south.

The farms are a great place for novice fighters and healers to venture. The farmers are constantly complaining how their fields, huts, and water supply are overrun by vermine. So it is fun to help them out. Ton has noted some of the more interesting features in the farms on his map. The Infested Well (to the east of town) and the Myrm Hive (to the north of town) are great places to gain experience for the both novice and intermediate in skill.

To the north of North Farms is North Forest, the home for many ferals. To the east of East Farms is East Fields. And to the south of South Farms is South Forest.


Northwestern Beaches

To the west and north of Puddleby are a series of beaches that are good for experience for intermediate to experienced exiles. An extensive region, these beaches lead to many areas. The three beach sn'ells nearest to Puddleby are filled with Rockadiles.

The second beach north (North Northwest Beach) has an entrance to the Highlands. The next beach to the north (Crawler's Revenge) has an entrance to a large river cavern complex on its eastern border. Boating upstream on the river leads to a campfire area, Bear Cave, Smuggler's Rest, River Caves and River Tunnel. The River Tunnel can be extremely difficult to survive with many tough creatures living there.

North across the river and to the west of the northernmost beach, another series of beaches were discovered. The Dark and Misty Cavern was also found in that region. Here one starts encountering large Crawlers and eventually the Sand Wurms appear.

The dark cavern contains many twisty passages, Ton made an estimate of their general directions on his map. To the north of the main passage is the west entrance to River Tunnel. The other exit north out of the cavern leads to a series of three beaches.

These beaches are part of the Burrow's Beach complex. The further you go north the tougher it gets with large Crawlers and Large Sand Wurms. There is a safe cave on the west side of the second beach.


Southwestern Beaches

The Southwest Beaches consist of six sn'ells. The four northern sn'ells comprise the Southwest Beaches. The northernmost sn'ell connects to South(west) Farms and the southernmost sn'ell connects to South Forest. The second beach south of South(west) Farms is nicknamed Kitty Beach. It is a good area to hunt and also has a connection to South Forest.

South of Kitty Beach is the Lagoon sn'ell. Next to the lagoon, there is a old fisherman's hut. This can be a place of safe refuge and you can listen to the fisherman's strange tales (if he's not sleeping).

These sn'ells are filled with rockadiles and crawlers but one encounters more cats and other creatures progressing south. To the south of the Lagoon Sn'ell is the southernmost beach in this chain. The entrance to Damp Cave can be found here.

To the southwest of South Forest are the two remaining beach sn'ells. This are is called the Southwestern Sandy Place. There are odd tangleweed plants on these beaches which can trip or poison you, posing a significant hazard.

The northernmost beaches of this region are a great area for all ranks of exiles as well as the Dark, Cold, Wet Place (the inexperienced must be careful though in the Cave Wurm and Meshra Lairs). As one goes south along the seashore, the creatures become more difficult to deal with.