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Tanglewood fits its name. It is very easy to get lost, one must be able to read the clues in order to navigate through the woods. Getting disoriented in this area can be deadly because this is the home of the Orga. The Orga Camp is located in the far northeast corner of Tanglewood. Plenty of exiles have been cooked up in their campfires.

The best way to determine one's location in Tanglewood is to look for a pattern in the trees. Obviously these woods are bewitched because if one looks carefully and uses a little imagination, a number, from zero through seven (although seven is really tough to see now), may be seen in the alignment of the trees. If you can see a number, then look to the map Ton has provided for guidance.

The forest consists of nineteen areas which includes the Orga Camp (OC) complex. Tanglewood is also linked to the East Fields and East Forest.

Roughly in the center of Tanglewood lies the Meadow, a beautiful and generally relaxing place to visit. Care must be taken when leaving the safety of the meadow, because the east, west, and south routes are one-way out.

The Orga Camp area can be reached from the Meadow by going east, north, then either to the northeast corner for the Orga Path or directly east into the Orga Camp. On the east side of Orga Camp, there are two connections to other areas related to Tanglewood.

The path in the middle of the eastern border can be opened by a well trained pathfinder and leads to Snagglewood. This is a very tough and difficult region to navigate. It can be loaded with Rages and Furies, which aren't the kind of orga you want to meet when lost.

The other path entrance is difficult to find and varies in its location. It requires a properly trained mystic to locate and open. This path takes you to the rest of the Orga Camp complex, OC 2, 3 and 4. This region is even more difficult to enter than Snagglewood. Generally the area is loaded with Warlocks and large Orgas. One has to enter with caution, Ton recommends a large group of people enter together in order to survive the Orga attack.

To get to East Field from the Meadow, go south, west, south, west, south, and again west. Does this sound familiar? People who have frequented the Marsh and listened closely to the Crazy Hermit will know what I mean.

Ton follows a simple guideline if lost in Tanglewood:keep going south. If one is in either Field 1, 2, or 3; this will lead one to East Forest. If one is in the other areas of Tanglewood (other than Orga Camp), this will eventually lead to the Meadow.

The forest can be particularly dangerous to wander through when the larger Orgas and Death Vermine show up.