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Snagglewood takes its name from the very odd looking tree that grows in this region. This area is as difficult to navigate as Tanglewood. It is extremely easy to get lost since all the areas look similar. As with Tanglewood, getting disoriented in this area can be deadly because of the large Orga population. Ton noticed that in each area there is a couple of trees in the northwest corner of almost each sn'ell that can be used as a trap in a pinch.

The first region of this forest consists of eighteen sn'ells which are linked to Orga Camp 1 in Tanglewood. A well trained Pathfinder can open this region to people.

Lorikeet and Rakshasa have drawn a map of the large Snagglewood Outback (also called the Orga Outback), past Wisher's Gate (in Bones Field). This region consists of several areas. The first sn'ell beyond Wisher's Gate has been nicknamed Hatred's Hollow. Beyond the hollow, there are many sn'ells that comprise the Outback including Trainer's Grove and Dred Passage. Connected to the Outback area are the much talked about Orga Village (partially mapped in Lorikeet's Map) and the North East Foothills (not shown and not mapped).

For the sake of simplicity, Ton chose to number the tracts of Snagglewood. However, the exiles who first surveyed this region carved their names into the bark (on the south side) of a prominent tree in the center of each tract. Look for the following names in these fields:

Maenygh - Field 1
Newton - Field 2,
Gimli - Field 3,
Ptolemy - Field 4,
Sycamore - Field 5,
Aki - Field 6,
Tonle - Field 7,
Nyssa - Field 8,
Oberon - Field 9,
Moonbeam - Field 10,
Malkor - Field 11,
Vagile - Field 12,
Flex - Field 13,
Sagramor - Field 14,
Marfisa - Field 15,
Rieger - Field 16, and
Bones - Field 17

These carvings actually provide a better navigational guide for exiles traveling through this region. To exit this area one must locate Oberon's Field (SW 9). Once in this tract, then go East (Sagramor), South (Flex), East (Maenygh), North (Newton), and then West to exit to Orga Camp. Ton has shown this exit strategy on the map provided.

Around Bones' Field (SW 17), things can get nasty. There is a strange pair of trees in the northeast corner that has been named Wisher's Gate. Be sure to note the two marker rocks on the south side as you enter Bones. Staying between them heading south will lead you back south to Rieger's Field (SW 16), going outside of them sends you to Aki's Field (SW 6).

To enter the sn'ell east of Wisher's Gate requires a top-notch Pathfinder. One faces some of the toughest groups of Orga here. If a party can control the area, it is said there are paths that lead on to the Orga Village.

It took a very dedicated and large party of exiles to survey this area. Aki was first to put out a complete Snagglewood Map. Bones and Kojiro have also put out maps of this region. This map is based on their work and I humbly thank them for their efforts.

If one is looking for a fallen exile in the Snagglewood or if one just wants to see every tract, Thuja Occidentalis has put together a Snagglewood Rescue and Tour Map (Fundin note:- these are now dead links, if they exist let me know and i'll add them).

There always is a chance one or more of the map connections may be wrong, especially since the Ancients are very interested in this region.