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Myrm Hive
Northeast Forest
Savannah and Southern Dunes

Ash Island
Dark Temple
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Dark, Cold, Wet Place
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Spider Caves
Undine Cavern

Astral Plane
Glacier (Cold & Snowy)
Mirror Room
Outer Planes of the Abyss


 Southern Savannah
and Southern Dunes 

The Savannah is located off of the eastern edge of South Marsh and north of Southern Dunes. It is very difficult to get to this region. The direct route, which happens to be extremely long and dangerous, is via South Beach and Southern Dunes.

The safest way, which is somewhat frustrating, is to enter the southern marsh and then keep traveling east (or follow the appropriate pathfinder ways) until you run into the Savannah.

The Savannah is for experienced exiles only. It is loaded with various large Mahas and Snakes. A really strange phenomenon of this area is when running through the Savannah grass one might get teleported to another spot in the Savannah. It may have to do with the magical qualities of the grass, which sways back and forth making snapping noises even when there is no wind.

The Gem Mine is located on the eastern edge of the Savannah. It is a truly disturbing place as several cursed dwarves inhabit the mine tunnels. As you go further south into the Savannah, there are Large Sand Wurms that can kill in one bite. They originate from the beach area.

For strong exiles, there is the Maha Den, which is located on the southwestern edge of the Savannah. It is known that this cavern leads to the Tomb and also connect to the Gem Mine.

The Southern Dunes consists of several thin tracts that are bordered on the south by the ocean. It is fairly easy to get trapped in this area, which is loaded with unclimbable dunes. To the west of Southern Dunes is South Beach. These areas seems to be a breeding area for Sand Wurms and various large Crawlers.