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North Forest Region 

The North Forest is a relatively tricky region to navigate through. There are roughly four areas in this region. The first is "Grassy" North Forest (in the south and southeast), the second is "Muddy" North Forest (in the north), the third is the "Northwest Forest" with Lizard Beach and the Herpitad Cave (in the northwest), and the fourth is the "Feral Coast" which is the northernmost extent of the forest. The forest is can be dangerous to wander through since it does abound with Ferals, Vermine and Cats (Northwest Forest only) which tends to get worse as you travel north.

The forest's southern extension (which is sometimes called North Field) is linked to the North Farms, East Fields, and the Bard Field. The ocean borders part of the west and north sides. The western side of the forest also is linked to Highlands and has three of entrances to the Bear Cave complex which includes the New Bear Caves (NBC).

In the southern muddy region, there is a very large and very unusual flower and the Feral Den. The feral den can be accessed with proper pathfinding training.

A tree-lined border cuts through the north and the east sides of the forest. The areas beyond these tree barriers, such as Jannar's Grove, northern Muddy North Forest and the Feral Coast, can be accessed only by Pathfinder Ways. Also some routes in North Forest are tricky and one doesn't always end up where one might expect, so be a bit careful.

Northwest Forest is also accessible only by pathfinding skills. This is the most difficult area to navigate. There is a rather nasty beach (Lizard Beach) in the far northwest full of lizard-like herpetads and herpetids, which can be toxic to touch or kill. To access the beach you can walk through the small Herpitad Cave which contains arachnes and lizards. Also connected to this cave is a series of small caverns that the mysterious Biffledink inhabited.

To the east of North Forest is the Lily Pond which is beautiful, yet very deadly area. One must be a fairly experienced exile in order to get to the eastern side of the pond where you may encounter Swamp Maha Ruk'nees and Large Sand Wurms.

I've now included Iho's and Aki's nomenclature (A1, B1, C1, etc.) for naming the tracts of North Forest. Special thanks to Coeur de Leon, Delta (now missing for many years) and Marcus Antonius for their excellent comments and maps.