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Northeast Forest Region

The Northeast Region consists of seven major areas. Northeast Forest, Lake Area, Northern Plains, Deep North Forest and North (and Near North) Beach are discussed in this scroll. The other two areas, Tanglewood and Snagglewood, are discussed on their own scrolls. This region is more suited to intermediate to advanced exiles.

The Northeast Forest has a large variety of critters from vermine to Tree Giants. It is relatively easy to navigate through but takes a strong exile to hunt there. One thing to note is that there is a very dangerous cave (Rocky Cavern) in the area, which contains a variety of Wurms, large lizard-like creatures. They tend to be very tough to kill. Earthquakes are also common in this cavern.

Northeast Forest connects to East Forest to the east and the Lake Area to the north. To enter the Lake Area you must exit north between two sets of flower beds in the far northeast tract of the forest.

The Lake Area consists of four tracts. The southeast tract is a safe area with an unusual couple tending the grounds there. They apparently doing some research, about what, Ton has no idea. The other tracts mainly have various vermine and cats. A stream flows north out of the Lake into the Northern Plains.

The Northern Plains also consist of six or seven tracts now. Bloodthorns, cats, and vermine roam this area. The stream continues north through two of the tracts to North Beach. North Beach is full of very large rockadiles. It is easy to get trapped there so be careful. Here the stream runs into the ocean.

On the west side of the Plains, there is a tree entrance to a tunnel. This tunnel leads to Deep North Forest or as many people call it, Chamelopod Forest. This area consists of three sn'ells with a path to Near North Beach area. Chamelopods are very difficult to see and hard to hit. Other than Rocky Cavern, this is the most dangerous area of the region.

Special thanks to Aki and Iho for their excellent comments and maps. Also a big thank you to Koric on his latest map which I borrowed heavily upon.