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East Forest
East Mountain Passes & Greymyr Village
North Forest
South Forest
Puddleby, Farms, &
West Beaches

Myrm Hive
Northeast Forest
Savannah and Southern Dunes

Ash Island
Dark Temple
Dal'noth Isle

Arachne Cavern
Dark, Cold, Wet Place
Old Cemetery
Spider Caves
Undine Cavern

Astral Plane
Glacier (Cold & Snowy)
Mirror Room
Outer Planes of the Abyss


Eastern Mountains and
Greymyr Village Region


Ton explored the huge expanses of the mountains east of Puddleby and discovered a village that large rock-like creatures called Greymyrs inhabit. To travel to the passes one has to cross East Fields and East Forest.

There are three entrances to the mountain passes (North Pass Entrance, East [Mid] Pass Entrance and South Pass Entrance) on the far eastern side of East Forest. Each of these pass entrances have a well associated with them, but Ton has not been able to squeeze down and discover what lies below. These three entrances lead to four mountain passes ( North Pass, Central Pass, East [Mid] Pass and South Pass) that cut through the mountains and lead to a huge expanse called Greymyr Village.

Throughout these pass areas there are one-way and pathfinding entrances. One must be careful when accessing these spots as it is easy to become immediately trapped by the Wendeckas, which are the main inhabitants.

The Wendeckas come in several varieties. The most common are the White and Blue Wendeckas, although now and then a (pink) Dawn Wendecka is spotted. They are good hunting experience for intermediate fighters and healers. In the four passes one has to be very careful, because there are rocks (which will cause big hits) thrown at the adventuring exile by what we think are hidden Greymyrs.

The North Pass entrance is a rewarding area to hunt Wendeckas as there are several places to trap and kill these beasts. Farther east in North Pass there is an entrance that leads to a small but very deadly area loaded with Bloodhawks. Ton has heard the area referred to as the Bloodhawk Breeding Grounds or the Rookery. South of the North Pass well is the Central Pass.

The Mid Pass entrance is Ton's favorite way to access Greymyr Village. In and around the village a few Greymyrs can usually be found and one has to be careful of the small rocks that are thrown. Be careful of the Wendeckas too, they are much more numerous than the Greymyrs and can stalk and trap an unwary visitor.

The South Pass entrance can be the most difficult passage to navigate. Wendeckas abound in this area and can cause extreme trouble because of the tight confines of the pass near the well. Beyond this entrance and in the long pass are three entrances to a series of caves that Ton calls (for simplicity) the South Pass Caves.

Greymyr Village is a mysterious area. Ton had a little chat with the Greymyr Chief but did not understand what the chief was trying to tell him. The Greymyrs proclaim themselves as guardians. But guardians of what, no one has been able to say for sure.

Special thanks to Lord Sleipnir for his help in exploring the South Pass Caves.