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Marsh Region 

The Marsh is a very interesting region to explore. There are a lot of unusual connections to and from the Marsh such as the Old Cemetery and Southern Savannah. There is also a crazy hermit living in a hut right smack in the middle of the (North) Marsh.

Ton has split the Marsh into northern and southern sections. The reasoning behind this is that the South Marsh has a foggy nature and the exits appear to be random until you are sufficiently trained in Pathfinding. While the North Marsh exits appear to have no randomness or Pathfinding connection (except one).

The North Marsh consists of six tracts while the South Marsh has seven tracts. There seem to be at least three links from the North Marsh (2-Tree Island,1-Tree Island Marsh and Hut Marsh sn'ells) to the South Marsh (2 Islands Marsh).

North Marsh

North Marsh seems to have attracted a lot of creatures while the South Marsh has few inhabitants. The more common marsh wildlife are Leeches, Winged Snakes, Water Lizards, and a variety of the Meshra species.

One can enter the North Marsh from the South Forest or East Fields (also East Forest via a Pathfinding connection). Once inside the North Marsh the other northern tracts can be located by following the color code on Ton's maps.

In the North Marsh there are a few hidden areas. In the Rock Marsh, there is an hidden entrance on the south side of a deep pool to the Meshra Lair. Ton has also found hidden areas in both Dead Tree Islands Marshes.

Dead Tree Islands Marsh 2 (black zone) is very difficult to enter. Ton has been able to enter this tract by walking across the northern boundaries of the South Marsh, but there are two consistent entrances (one related to Pathfinding, one not-"wink wink"). Once there, this tract has the only known entrance to the Old Cemetery.

Ton follows a basic guideline if lost in the North Marsh: to leave, exit on the very southern edge of the west boundary of each Marsh tract one enters. Eventually that should lead one to South Forest.

South Marsh

Due to the foggy nature of the South Marsh it is easy to lose one's way (unless one is a highly trained Pathfinder), resulting in what seems to be inconsistent exits from this region.

If one is a high-level Pathfinder, navigation in the South Marsh is much easier. Lord Kodo and Lord John Junkar have been kind enough to provide maps with the needed Pathfinder links to navigate throughout the South Marsh. Kodo's map is a later generation and may prove easier to follow than that of John Junkar's.

To navigate the South Marsh without sufficient training in Pathfinding, one has to keep walking across:

1) the northern boundaries in the South Marsh to get to North Marsh or South Forest.

2) the eastern boundaries in the South Marsh to get to the Southern Savannah.

3) the southern boundaries in the South Marsh to get to Southern Brambles.

4) the western boundaries in the South Marsh to get to South Forest or Southern Brambles.

Due to the nature of the marsh, it is almost impossible to assure that all exits are correctly mapped. So be aware the edges of some exits may change or be off to a slight degree. There may be some small exits that are unmapped.

Ton would like to express thanks to the great help Aki, Azriel, Kodo, John Junkar, Newton, and Shiner have provided in helping him map this region.