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Ton has split the Myrm Hive into two sections, the North Farms Hive and the Highlands Hive. The North Farms Hive is the older of the two areas and has an entrance in North Puddleby Farms. Another entrance to this hive is located in northwest East Fields. From these points, as one progresses deeper into the hive, the myrms encountered are larger and more aggressive.

There are several shortcuts through the North Farms Hive. These paths are one-way, taking one from deeper areas in the hive back closer to the entrances. These shortcuts are notated with the abbreviations A-A', B-B', C-C', and D-D'. The first shortcut, A-A', takes one back from mid-hive to near the North Farms entrance. Shortcut B-B' takes one from one large chamber to another. And the last shortcut, C-C', takes one from near the entrance to the Queen's Chamber back to the Hive Pond Room. The last shortcut, D-D', is fairly new and connects the North Farms Hive with the Puddleby Underground Hive.

The Queen's Chamber (QC) is in the deepest recesses of the North Farms Hive and is the most heavily defended. Here is where one can meet the Queen along with her Noble and Royal guards. One enters the chamber via a one-way entrance where it is easy to get trapped. To leave the chamber, go to the southwest corner of the chamber and take the myrm holes to the Egg Room.

There are several locations in the passageways where one can see what is happening in the QC. These locations are displayed in the map below. One can help a rescue attempt by standing in one of these spots to draw myrms away from the fallen.

Ton mapped this portion of the hive in Autumn of the 532nd year of the Ascendency. The Pool Room in the hive has a connection to the "newer" Highlands Hive (see below).

The Highlands Hive is a newer find than the area just north of Puddleby (mapped Spring 536). You can access this portion of the hive from the surface in the Highlands. One has to be a bit careful as there is a steep cliff leading to the hive in this area. Also there are a couple of places where the Queen Myrms can be found in this portion of the Hive.

As the Puddleby Underground expanded by the industrious Dwarves, they have run into the Myrm hives. Now, on the northeast corner of the Underground, one may enter into what I call the Puddleby Underground Hive. This area connects to the other hive areas as shown in the maps.

Now the myrms are busy at their hive-making and the passages may change at any time.


North Farms Myrm Hive


Highlands Myrm Hive


Puddleby Underground Myrm Hive