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East Forest
East Mountain Passes & Greymyr Village
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West Beaches

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Ash Island
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Arachne Cavern
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Undine Cavern

Astral Plane
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Mirror Room
Outer Planes of the Abyss


East Fields & East Forest

East Fields is a key area that all exiles must cross eventually. In general, these fields are fairly easy but have been locations of some hard fought battles with Darshak, Drakes, Orgas, and Undine. The area is generally filled with low level creatures, such as Vermine, Slugs, and Starbucks. Undine and Ferals make frequent appearances in northern portions of East Field.

The East Fields are just past East Farms and are divided into four quadrants; Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest East Fields. The fields are cut from north to south by a creek that is crossed by two bridges. The south and north bridges link the eastern and western quadrants of South East Field and North East Field, respectively. These bridges can be bottlenecks that cause interesting situations when there is a full-blown battle occurring in the field. Note that you can easily circumvent these bridges by traversing into either the Marsh or North Forest.

In the northwest quadrant there is an old building called the Farmer's Hut. Inside the door one is met by the owner, who will let you know what he feels about you. He is a little upset because the Undine have been using his house and cellar as a meeting hall. There is another old hut (Rat Hut) in the southeast quadrant that can give some refuge to the beleaguered exile, but it is not completely safe. So take care in those huts.

One can enter North Forest from four locations on the northern edge of the fields. To the south are South Forest and North Marsh. To the far east lies East Forest, the southern portion of Tanglewood, and Spirit Woods.

Spirit Woods can be entered through a small entrance on the eastern border of Northeast East Field. This area is full of Spriggins and can be rather difficult to negotiate. There is a tunnel that connects the western half to the eastern half of the woods. The tunnel entrances can be found on the south side of a couple of large trees. In the eastern half of the woods, there are rumors of a magically beautiful area called Sacred Grove and another area which appears to be the breeding ground of the intimidating Tree Giants.

The East Forest is a large area which is great for exploring for all exiles. In general, the western portions of the forest are fairly easy but harder as one progresses to either the southeast or northeast. The far eastern area is loaded with Wendeckas, but a tremendous variety of other creatures live there too.

East Forest is directly east of Puddleby, just past East Fields. One can enter the Eastern Passes from locations on the far eastern edge of the forest. These passes eventually lead to Greymyr Village. In addition, the Spider Caves and Arachne Cavern entrances are in the rocky cliffs on the east side. Tanglewood can also be accessed from the northern border of East Forest.

There are several interesting features of East Forest. A variety of items can be found there. There is a small hut, a well and at least one safe area (Hidden Glade) in the forest. There are rumors of a small tract of land somewhere in far East Forest where a cottage and a small pond are located.

I've now included Iho's and Aki's nomenclature (A1, B1, C1, etc.) for naming the tracts of East Forest. As always, these areas change rapidly.