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East Forest
East Mountain Passes & Greymyr Village
North Forest
South Forest
Puddleby, Farms, &
West Beaches

Myrm Hive
Northeast Forest
Savannah and Southern Dunes

Ash Island
Dark Temple
Dal'noth Isle

Arachne Cavern
Dark, Cold, Wet Place
Old Cemetery
Spider Caves
Undine Cavern

Astral Plane
Glacier (Cold & Snowy)
Mirror Room
Outer Planes of the Abyss




The Desert could be entered from the Mirror Room which has been closed to most, if not all, exiles for some time now.

When the area was accessible, Ton explored the eastern and western tracts in the desert. The desert extended further east but Ton did not have time to fully explore that region.

There have been rumors of an Oasis and other uncharted areas in the desert, but Ton has not been able to locate them. In the areas Ton visited one could find plenty of Scorpions and few Sand Tigers. Sand Tigers might be the toughest feline known other than the Savannah Maha.

The eastern desert has the Well located in the center. Note that the well entrance is one-way down. Now the Well is only accessible from the Dark Cavern.

Lots of weaker undine, such as skeletals and hooded corpses, inhabit the Well tunnel. Every now and then scorpions and possibly a sand tiger will fall into the tunnel to make life miserable for the explorer who climbs down the well. There is a hidden area on the western side of the tunnel maze where one can find shelter.