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Dal'noth Isle


Around the 536th Year of the Ascendancy a strange weather phenomenon started appeared throughout the ocean. Groups of rain clouds blew into various areas of South Ocean and North Ocean. Currently these clouds have settled in the northern corners of North Ocean. Entering the clouds causes some sort of a spatial distortion (like a mirror portal) and one can cross into the previously unknown Dal'noth Ocean. In this ocean there are three islands.

Dal'noth Isle is the northernmost island and is surrounded by rain clouds. The beaches of the island are only accessible if you have a powerful mystic to open the way through a barrier which surrounds the island.

This is one of the toughest areas Ton has encountered. There are usually strong monsters waiting both on the land and the island's perimeter water. Ton has seen Baltoises, Giant Carnivorous Plankton, Jellyfish, and Megamouth Sharks in the water, while a variety of vermine, rockadilles, various members of a mold-like species (the 'Dews), and the powerful Dal'noth's demon-like inhabitants may greet one on the beach.

The Dal'noth tribe consist of eight, possibly more, strange demon-like creature classes found throughout the island. The first three classes are smaller in stature than the remaining five classes. They also have a different appearance in that their heads are completely covered by hoods. I present each class roughly in order of their strength.

1) Dal'noth are clothed in purple cloaks and are the weakest (although stronger than many exiles) and most numerous of the 'noth race.

2) Vel'noth are clothed in green cloaks and can throw lightning spells.

3) Zol'noth are clothed in red cloaks and are very strong.

The next four classes are all very strong creatures. Like Rutabaga, they have ugly green heads (hee hee).

4) Sar'noth wear red cloaks. They have extremely strong attack skills.

5) Gar'noth wear purple cloaks.

6) Hel'noth wear blue cloaks. They also have powerful lightning spells.

5) Xar'noth wear blue cloaks.

7) Tuz'noth have a strange curved body shape and they wear red cloaks. They appear to have the greatest attack skills of the group. 

Dal'noth Isle is entered via various beaches (northern, southern, and southwestern beaches). The island is navigated by crossing through mountainous areas via winding rocky corridors and caverns. These passageways connect the beaches, grassy plains, and forested areas. In the interior of the island there are forested areas where one can find the Lake, Dal'noth Town, Castle, and the Dal'noth Underground. The last area is entered via two wells, one on the east side of the island and one on the west.

Ton has put together a maps of the island surface and of the underground region (slightly incomplete). He has tried to show the caverns where safety may be found. The openings to the caverns are can be tricky and one generally needs to be with a well-trained Pathfinder to access them.

Ton is indebted to many exiles that helped him on his last expeditions. Thanks to Alcon, Ard Ri, Gandor Durin, Gurgi, Kodo, Urgelt, Ziff Rengar, and especially Yor, this intriguing island was mapped.