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East Forest
East Mountain Passes & Greymyr Village
North Forest
South Forest
Puddleby, Farms, &
West Beaches

Myrm Hive
Northeast Forest
Savannah and Southern Dunes

Ash Island
Dark Temple
Dal'noth Isle

Arachne Cavern
Dark, Cold, Wet Place
Old Cemetery
Spider Caves
Undine Cavern

Astral Plane
Glacier (Cold & Snowy)
Mirror Room
Outer Planes of the Abyss



The Glacier could be entered from the Mirror Room which has been closed to most, if not all, exiles for some time now.

When the area was accessible, Ton explored two areas of the Glacier (or the Cold & Snowy) region, one in the north and one in the south. However, explorers have reported that this region is immense, with several uncharted areas.

The Mirror Room portal transported one to the northern area. A small hidden exit gateway near the northeastern corner will take one back to the Mirror Room. The exit is located approximately at the eastern edge of a dead (or defoliated) tree shadow near the eastern border.

The northern area connects to the southern area via a snow tunnel. The entrances of the snow tunnel are in a large pine tree.

Lots of snow vermine, snow feral, snow cougars, and frost tree giants sometime inhabit the area! So be very cautious as this can be one of the toughest areas to survive (Ton has made several snow angels while fallen to pass the time while waiting to be rescued).