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Arachne Cavern
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Outer Planes of the Abyss


 Arachne Cavern and Spider Caves


In the depths of East Forest, are the Arachne Cavern and Spider Caves. Various forms of Arachnes, Webarachnes, and Arachnoids inhabit these foreboding places. Arachnes and Webarachnes are a spider-like adversaries while the Arachnoids are a horrid combination of Arachnes and Humanoids.

There are three major caves in the front of Arachne Cavern. There is one cave north and two caves south. Space is somewhat tight in these areas and the arachnes are fairly fast, so it is easy to be trapped and killed. To the east from the northern cave lies a winding passage that leads to Deep Cavern that the Arachnoids inhabit.

One must be careful entering Deep Cavern as there is slippery gravel on the sloping passage way. Alive and fallen exiles alike will slip and slide their way down into the deep cavern. Ton found many tunnels leading away from the Deep Cavern. In a way, the cavern looks like a large spider. So far Ton has found no other exit from the cavern, all the tunnels are dead ends.

This cavern is one of the most difficult areas to enter because the arachnoids are numerous and very fierce. The Arachnoids vary in color and body markings. Ton has seen purple, gray, blue and green Arachnoids as well as a striped gray Arachnoid. In addition to the Arachnoids, Black Widows are said to guard this cavern and spin golden threads of web silk around the unwary exile.

To the north of Arachne Cavern are the Spider Caves. This complex has two large caverns. Webarachnes can be found here and they can be formidable opponents. There is a safe cave just off the main passage that is not marked.

Ton suggests that the inexperience exile stay away from these places. And only the more experienced should venture into Deep Cavern. The fighting can be tight in Deep Cavern and the massacres frequent. It is one of the more frustrating areas to hunt in, so try not to lose your temper (easier said than done).