Greetings exiles! I am Lundar et'Lotharen, mystic/pathfinder of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril. Over the course of several moons, I have explored and charted vast areas of the isle known as Devil's Island, and now I release this map to the public, so as to help exiles explore Devil's Isle.

Now, before you praise me or flame me, some disclaimers. This is not a comprehensive, lists-every-tree-and-rock guide of Devil's Island. It is merely a guide that can help you to explore the Devil's Isle, and help you to make sense of it's vast terrain. At first, the isle may seem confusing, and random, but by using this map you will soon see that there is a method to the madness.

I have tried to create a map as complete as possible, but no doubt, I have missed a cave or two. If you find any caves or paths that are not listed, and let me know about stuff I'm missing. Also, since Devil's Island is not a well explored place, many of the caves and caverns do not posess a commonly used name. One exile my call it this, and another exile call it that. In creating this map, I have bestowed the caves of Devil's Island with names that I thought fitting.

Devil's Island is probably one of the most under-appreciated areas in Clan Lord today. It has 60+ areas, and countless caves and caverns, yet people refuse to go near the isle. Many exiles seem to think that Devil's Island is just a bunch of big, boring areas, or that is a death trap, and I don't blame them.

When I first landed on the north-western shores of Devil's Island, it seemed the lamest place ever created. Just a bunch of vast, boring plains and forests, with no points of interest. I frequently found myself getting lost, and dead, and it took forever for rescues to come, since the isle was so big! However, several versions later, exiles could land on the east coast of Devil's Island, and I was hooked. The east coast of Devil's Island is simply beautiful, with many interesting areas. And as I began to explore the isle, I became aware that the areas were not so random, and the isle was not so deadly as I first thought.

So here it is, the map of Devil's Island. A large version of the map(recommended) can be found:

And a smaller version(good for exploring) can be found:

Please enjoy the maps, and let me know of anything interesting that you might find while exploring the isle known as Devil's Island.

-Lundar et'Lotharen

P.S. Special thanks goes out to Alchemist, Archerford, and Natas, who have spent countless hours exploring the Fire Island with me, and helping to keep my butt alive. Also, I'd like to give a fond "tan'ki" to Dierdre, Magnels, Yazza, Olie, Cyrril, Solace, WormTounge, Prue, Xepel, Nyt'Shade, Wisher, Eyeball, Yor, Perkusi and many others who have aided me, or come to my rescue when I needed help. F'nom tan'ki!