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Scarmis are creatures found on Ash Island [AI] in what is called the Scarmis Pen. The Scarmis Pen is tough area that is challenging and requires good group coordination and tactics. I find it is an interesting place because of that, and also because of its unusual nature. It has the advantage of being close to town and offers a nice challenge to mid to high level groups. On the other hand it requires a full mystic to enter, which sometimes limits access and often complicates rescues attempts.


I drew some maps (from memory) of the general layout of the place. It is not very precise I'm afraid, but I lost the visionstones I made of the pen area. I'll try to improve them when I get the chance (or if someone wants to send one to me I'd appreciate it). These maps are not to scale.

Scarmis Pen map

Scarmis Hole map

Scarmis North Passage map

Scarmis South Passage map

Scarmis Queen Chamber map

Some notes on possible tactics

As with many areas, there are as many successful tactics to negotiate the pen as there are groups going there, and a lot depends on the strength of the exiles in the group. Because of the high atkus required to hit scarmis, fell-bladders are particularly useful. Someone with high ranks in Dentir is also very useful since scarmis mandibles can fetch a good price. There is also the possibility to bring a boosting mystic to help deal with the tougher scarmis. A good chainer can also come in very handy (same as anywhere of course).

The first thing to consider is whether the group should attempt the SQC or limit itself to the scarmis hole and the passages. The scarmis hole and the passages provide a good hunting ground and leaves the possibility of an escape, while the SQC can quickly become a death trap for weaker groups.

Depending on the group, it may be a good idea to set-up kuzdhu walls to control the number of scarmis attacking the group. Good places to set-up are at the entrance until the SH is cleared and then possibly near the exit (an example is shown in the following picture).

Stronger groups usually don't have to use this technic and only send someone to lure creatures from the south while the rest of the group stays north near the entrance.

The best technic I've seen to take the SQC is to first clear the south passage and then the north passage. Then a runner is sent in from the north entrance and gathers as much stuff as he can near the east exit. Once he has moved creatures away from the entrance he sunstones to a team of two 'zuers to enter. One plants kuzdhu from the center towards the east and the other from the center towards the west to make a wall as shown in the following picture.

The runner tries to stay as long as possible so that the wall can be build, and then exits and joins the rest of the group through the north passage entrance. Once the zuers have established the wall they call in the rest of the group.

This technic leaves enough room to make sure the queen won't acquire a target to spit acid on and leaves the possibility of exit through the Garden Maze. From this position it is possible to clear the Queen Chamber and then look for a scarmis egg that can sometimes be found in the chamber to the SW.


Thanks to the many people who helped me getting all the information right. Special thanks go to Drue'Dreemi, Althus and Kamik for the info provided and the comments.

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